Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova is a Ukrainian actress, model, and spiritual teacher.

Mindy Robinson is an actress known best for V/H/S/2(2013), Stretch (2014),and After School Massacre (2014).

Gordy River is an actor, known for Our Way (2014), Dispair Sessions (2015), and Throwdown (2014).


Susannah O’Brien is a creative producer, director, and writer, known forEncounter (2015). She is the owner and chief executive officer of Sahara Vision Productions, a feature film and television production company.

Alister Conway is a cinematographer and editor for film and television. He’s known for his work on a number offeatures, shorts, music videos, documentaries, television episodes, and some commercials includinginterpersonal (2014), and Wholesale Damage (2014).